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So last week, we were shopping in Aldi when I heard a lady say, to who I assume was her son, “we get as much as we can here and then go to Sainsbury’s for the brands”, which made me smile!

Why? Because we do exactly the same and I’m guessing we’re not the only ones?

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The quality of the food in Aldi is great, but let’s be honest, when the difference in cost is circa 30% and you don’t have to compromise on quality, is it any surprise just how popular Aldi has become?!

As a nation, we love a bargain, whether that be Black Friday (or the ‘week of Black Friday’ as it’s now known) or a 04:30 alarm call, to secure our place in Next, Boxing Day Sale queue, we do love a bargain!

We are, however, creatures of comfort and will do anything for an easy life.

From Direct Debits, to Deliveroo. Amazon‘s ‘Subscribe & Save’ to Apple‘s ‘Apple Pay’, convenience really is king when it comes to the UK.

Be honest, how many different banks have you had current accounts with?

It’s, therefore, no surprise, when two separate people, at the same networking event said to me, “we used to use ‘courier x’ and changed to ‘courier y’, which was a horrific process“.

It’s, therefore, no wonder, many businesses stick with the same suppliers, simply for ease.

You might imagine their response when I advised, that with www.retaildistributionservices.com you can change from one courier to another, by simply unticking one and ticking the other. That’s it, that simple!

In fact, with RDS you can choose multiple couriers, for multiple shipping lanes or delivery options, providing your customers with the type of convenience that they now expect.

Whether that be a 2<3 day service you might choose to offer for free or a next day delivery for a small fee.
You could also offer them the convenience of ‘click & collect’, all through the one platform and yes you‘ve guessed it, all at the click of your mouse, with RDS smart automation rules.

It’s no secret that the eCommerce giants, the likes of ASOS, John Lewis and JD Sports, all provide their customers with choice and convenience, to prevent ‘shop hop’ and losing customers at the checkout.

Well, now so can you with RDS ????????

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