RDS American Express Partnership Logo
RDS American Express Partnership Logo


Improve your cashflow, extend your payment terms and save money, with our significantly discounted shipping rates.

Welcome to RDS eCommerce, your gateway to unparalleled shipping solutions in collaboration with American Express®.

As a proud partner of American Express®, RDS eCommerce is committed to enhancing the shipping experience for Amex® Business Cardmembers

At RDS we help our customers to save money by consolidating their shipping volumes along with ours, thus significantly increasing their buying power.

They also enjoy the choice and convenience of our multi-courier service offering, giving them access to hundreds of discounted delivery options, all in the one portal. One invoice, one customer care team, one number to call (or WhatsApp, Messenger, Live Chat or email).

Then through our partnership with American Express®, our customers can improve their cashflow by extending their payment terms (up to 54 days), whilst earning Membership Rewards® points along the way.

The Card is for business, the points are for pleasure.

Navigate through our platform to discover a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and the trustworthiness synonymous with the American Express® brand.

Join us in unlocking a new era of shipping excellence tailored exclusively for Amex® Business Cardmembers.

Your success, delivered with precision and care.

RDS American Express Partnership Logo
RDS American Express Partnership Logo

Why American Express®?

Manage Your Cashflow

Manage Business Cashflow

With up to 54 days payment period, you have the flexibility to optimise your purchasing power and cashflow by paying us later.

Get Business Done

Helping You Get Business Done

American Express® provides the tools to manage your business spend anytime, anywhere on the American Express® App or through your Online Account.

World Class Service

World Class Service

Running your business could be made easier with a great range of resources designed to help you maintain control of your business expenses, while also helping to provide some peace of mind.

The Card Is For Business, The Points Are For Pleasure.
Find the Card that best rewards your business spend.

Improve cash flow, extend payment terms & save money, by consolidating your shipping volumes along with ours!

Enhance your customers shipping experience & increase basket conversions, with our multi-courier service offering, giving you access to hundreds of discounted delivery options, all in the one portal.

One invoice, one customer care team, one number to call (or WhatsApp, Messenger, Live Chat or email).

A fully managed courier service but with a saving.. that’s the RDS way.

RDS eCommerce

Why RDS?

Flexible Delivery Solutions

Unrivaled Shipping Options

Choose from a variety of courier services tailored to your needs, offering flexibility and convenience for every shipment.

Transparent Pricing

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Save money without compromising service. Our multi-courier options ensure you get the best value for your shipping needs.


Customer-Centric Approach

Your preferences matter. Whilst we’ll guide & advise you on the best options, we put you in control making sure that you get the service that aligns with your specific requirements.

We Care

RDS Managed Service

Experience hassle-free shipping with our RDS managed service. Our proactive approach allows you to advise your customers of any delays as opposed to the other way round. Say goodbye to chasing couriers – we handle it all for you.

24 Hour Delivery

Reliable and Efficient

Whether it’s for cost savings or service improvement, we always provide the best solutions to meet your shipping preferences.

Customer Service

Ultimate Choice and Convenience

Enjoy the ultimate freedom to select shipping options that suit your business or personal needs, all in one place.

We Use The Worlds Largest Logistics Companies

Leave the logistics to us, so you can focus on what matters most.

Multi Carrier Solution

Multi-Courier Solution

Offer a choice of shipping options from the UK’s best couriers and easily manage them all from an easy and intuitive portal.

eCommerce Integrations

eCommerce Integrations

Connect all your online stores with simple plugins or our custom API, import orders and despatch them in record time.

Automated Shipping Rules

Automated Shipping Rules

Fully automate your shipping workflow by pre-setting automation rules for your shipments, based on your criteria and allow the shipping labels to just print.

99.9% Pick Success


Enhance your customers shopping experience by making returns a seamless part of your customer journey with smart:Returns.

Analytics and Reporting

Eco-friendly eCommerce Fulfilment

Discover our eco-friendly fulfilment service using earth-friendly packaging materials – from recycled, recyclable and compostable products, to brown paper courier bags & parcel tape.

Sync Tracking Events

eCommerce Sync Tracking Events

Save time tracking & chasing couriers with automatic status updates to your chosen eCommerce platform.

Generate Shipping Labels

Auto-Generate Customs Forms & Shipping Labels

Easily process and create shipping labels including customs compliant documents & commercial invoices for your international shipments.

Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

Stay informed with our detailed track & trace dashboard. See the status of all shipments including ‘delivery exceptions’ and keep your customers informed in case of any delays.

Branded Tracking Emails

Branded Tracking Emails

Enhance your customer delivery experience and redirect them to where you want them (socials, review pages, subscribe forms) with branded notification emails in native languages.

Use your own courier contracts or benefit from our discounted rates

Our free to use multi-courier shipping platform gives you instant access to our significantly discounted rates from the UK’s best couriers.

This allows you to offer multiple shipping options at checkout, proven to reduce cart abandonment and thus increasing sales.

Got your own courier contracts? No problem — We’ll add your contract(s) alongside ours to provide the ultimate in choice & convenience.

David Drake

RDS Founder

Call 0330 055 3321 or Get a Quote and See How Much You Can Save.

Integrate With The Most Popular eCommerce Platforms

Our seamless plug and play integrations make shipment creation easy so that you can spend more time on growing your business.

Connect all your web shops and generate shipping labels, sync tracking events and send out branded tracking emails all from one place.

eCommerce Integrations

Connect Your Store To The UK’s Top Couriers

Instantly offer multiple shipping options at checkout, decrease cart abandonment and increase sales.

Print courier approved shipping labels for domestic and international shipments, track and trace and get advanced analytics all in the RDS eCommerce platform.

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Email: amex@rds-group.co.uk , call: 0330 055 3321 or complete the form, to receive a copy of the AMEX Business Cardmembers, discounted shipping rates!

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